Design Process

    Qualify project by listening to the client's needs.

  • What do you like about your existing kitchen?
  • What don't you like about your existing kitchen?
  • Who will be doing the cooking?
  • What appliances can we save?
  • What time frame is this project?
  • How long is the process?
  • How long will I be without my kitchen?
  • What countertops do you carry?
  • Do I need plywood sides?

    Outline scope of the project

  • Measure project, answering any questions that arise.
  • Take video to capture details prior to construction.
  • Designer reviews, reviewing key points
  • Handle required paperwork - state, local, etc.

    Determine installation options

  • Artisan Kitchen & Home can handle the complete installation

    Preliminary presentation of project

  • What do you like?
  • What do we need to change?
  • This stage will cover all wants and final questions.

    Details covered

  • Appliances, sinks, faucets and knobs.
  • Paints and tiles.


  • Changes and requests are added to project.

    Final design check

  • Floor plan sign-off by client and Marmora K&B
  • Cabinets are checked against final floor plan

    Final details

  • Cabinet door styles and colors sign-off by client and Marmora K&B

    Design phase complete

  • Material ordered